The small number of students in the MBB major allows the department to closely monitor the progress of each student in the major and provide individual advice to help them through their undergraduate education and onto their chosen career path.

Prospective students are required to register for the MBB major in person. They first meet with the Undergraduate Chair, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., who reviews the student’s transcript to be sure that they have the proper prerequisites and are doing sufficiently well in their core science courses to be able to successfully complete the major in a timely manner. The goals, requirements, and options of the MBB major are outlined to the student and a course checklist and suggested timetable is developed for each student. Once a student has registered for the major they are assigned a permanent departmental academic advisor with whom they meet roughly each semester to go over their progress and answer any questions.

MBB students are required meet their academic advisors several times during their junior and senior years. To register for independent research courses students must obtain a signature from their academic advisor each semester. These interactions provide the advisors with opportunities to monitor how well the students are progressing through their course work and research.

In addition to their departmental advisor, each MBB student also has a research mentor in the laboratory they are performing their independent research projects. Students often meet with these mentors several times a week to discuss their research results and progress. The research mentors are also able to advise students on opportunities to help them in their career paths and goals.

Prospective or current MBB student are always encouraged to contact or meet with the Undergraduate Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if they have any questions about MBB major. Transfer students who are considering MBB majors are strongly encouraged to contact Prof. Gunderson before they sign up for courses their first semester at Rutgers.