MBB Elective Courses

All MBB students with 12 or more credits of independent research are required to take at least one of the MBB electives if they choose Course Option I (Physical Chemistry) or at least two of the MBB electives if they choose Course Option II (no Physical Chemistry, requires three electives in total).  Students that will graduate with less than 12 credits of research must take an additional MBB elective to complete the degree.  

A Partial List of Division of Life Sciences Elective Courses

MBB students choosing Course Option II (no Physical Chemistry) may choose a 400 level Elective Course offered by the Department of Genetics (447) or Cell Biology and Neuroscience (146) in the Division of Life Sciences that will count towards the MBB major. Some of the suggested DLS elective courses are shown below. A full list of the DLS courses can be found at http://biology.rutgers.edu/courses. Electives from non-DLS departments may be substituted for the DLS elective with approval of the MBB undergraduate director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..