GundersonLab cropped Steve Anderson
CABM, Room 206 anderson@cabm.rutgers.edu
Interests: Protein folding, molecular recognition, proteases and their inhibitors, protein engineering, Alzheimer's disease

Annika Barber 
Waksman Institute, Room 238 annika.barber@waksman.rutgers.edu
Interests: Neural signal integration in Drosophila behavioral circuits

Gyan Bhanot
Hill Center, Room 271 (848) 391-7508 gyanbhanot@gmail.com
Interests: Cancer  Bioinformatics, Viral Adaptation and Evolution, Understanding Human Migration, Selection, Disease Association and Complex Phenotypes

Steven J. Brill
CABM, Room 304 (848) 445-9863 brill@cabm.rutgers.edu
Interests: DNA replication, recombination, yeast genetics, DNA helicase, aging, genome stability

Samuel Bunting
CABM, Room 337, (848) 445-9894 bunting@cabm.rutgers.edu
Interests: Cell survival and DNA repair in mammals

Frank Deis
Nelson Hall, Room A-311 deis@dls.rutgers.edu
Interests: Teaching, advising, computing, and evolutionary topics

Monica Driscoll
Nelson Hall, Room A-232, (848) 445-7182 driscoll@dls.rutgers.edu
Interests: Developmental neurogenetics of C. elegans, necrotic cell death mechanisms, mechanosensory ion channels, molecular mechanisms of aging.

Isaac Edery
CABM, Room 337, (848) 445-9896 edery@cabm.rutgers.edu
Interests: Circadian clocks, photic and temperature signal transduction pathways, Drosophila behavior, PAS-containing transcription factors

Jia Fei
Nelson Labs, Room A-128 jifei@ucsd.edu
Interests: Chromatin dynamics, Gene regulation, Transcription elongation, Epigenetic mechanisms

Abram Gabriel
CABM, Room 306, (848) 445-9865 gabriel@cabm.rutgers.edu
Interests: Yeast, trypanosomes, retrotransposons, reverse transcriptase, fidelity

Barth Grant
Nelson Labs, Room A-231, (848)445-7339 grant@dls.rutgers.edu
Interests: Membrane traffic and intercellular signaling in C. elegans and mammals

Sam Gu
Nelson Labs, Room A-123, (848) 445-0824 sam.gu@rutgers.edu
Interests: RNA-directed chromatin modification and epigenetic memory

Samuel Gunderson
Nelson Labs, Room A-320, (848) 445-1016, 1017 gunderson@dls.rutgers.edu
Interests: Posttranscriptional gene expression in human cells, pre-mRNA splicing and polyadenylation, RNA-protein interactions

Ken Irvine
Waksman Institute, Room 238, (848) 445-2332 irvine@waksman.rutgers.edu
Interests: Control of tissue patterning and growth during development

Fumio Matsumura
Nelson Hall, Room A-321, (848) 445-2838 matsumur@dls.rutgers.edu
Interests: Control of cell division, microfilaments, cytokinesis, protein phosphorylation, cell transformation

Kevin Monahan
Nelson Labs, Room A-128 kevin.monahan@rutgers.edu
Interests: Gene regulation, chromatin, nuclear architecture, olfaction

Bob Niederman
Nelson Hall, Room A-317 (848) 445-3985  rniederm@dls.rutgers.edu
Interests: Structure, function and assembly of energy transducing membranes

Vincenzo Pirrotta
Nelson Labs, Room A-121, (848) 445-2446 pirrotta@dls.rutgers.edu
Interests: Chromatin structure and dynamics, Polycomb silencing mechanisms, epigenetic mechanisms, developmental gene regulation, genomic programming, Drosophila genetics

Konstantin V. Severinov
Waksman Institute, Room 32, (848) 445-6095 severik@waksman.rutgers.edu
Interests: Genetic and biochemical analysis of RNA polymerases from E. coli and yeast, site-directed modification of proteins

Ruth Steward
Waksman Institute, Room 252, (848) 445-3917 steward@waksman.rutgers.edu
Interests: Oogenesis, pattern formation and immune response in Drosophila

Andrew K. Vershon
Waksman Institute, Room 231(848) 445-2905 vershon@waksman.rutgers.edu
Interests: Transcriptional regulation in eukaryotes

Eileen White
The Cancer Institute of New Jersey, 195 Little Albany St. (732) 235-5329 epwhite@cinj.rutgers.edu
Interests: Apoptosis, programmed cell death

Mikel Zaratiegui
Nelson Hall, Room A-139, (848) 445-1497 zaratiegui@dls.rutgers.edu
Interests: Chromatin dynamics, Heterochromatin, RNA interferences, Transposons, Silencing, Replication