The purpose of the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Society is to support students interested in studying biochemistry through introducing them to the opportunities on campus and providing a social and intellectual forum to discuss their interest in molecular biology and biochemistry. We also provide opportunities to explore different career paths in graduate school, industry, and medical school. The society aims to help students find outlets for their interest in biochemistry and increase interest in younger students through outreach programs.

Please contact us at any time with questions about the MBB Society, major or life at Rutgers!! Our e-mail is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To find out about upcoming events:

Instagram: rumbbsociety -

Upcoming Meetings (dates will be added):
February 7th, 6-7 pm, Busch Student Center-Room 115
We will be having boba and games such as Heads Up! and Scattergories.

February 28th, 6-7 pm, Busch Student Center-Room 116C
Undergraduate Program Director, Dr. Sam Gunderson, will be a guest speaker who will discuss the MBB major requirements and discuss finding research opportunities.

MBB Society Meeting with Dr. Gunderson

2023-2024 E-Board

President: Omay Edekar
Vice-President: Diya Surray
Secretary: Argenine Lu
Treasurer: Ma-an Gale De Vera
Event Leads: Amy Wahba and Neha Edala
Peer Mentor Leads: Jonas Peter and Varin Dharia
Social Media Chair: Wesley Wu and Sam Deutsch
Fundraising Chair: Juan Iopez