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Undergraduate Research Awards & Fellowships for the Academic Year

The Aresty Research Center's mission is to support undergraduate research at Rutgers. They support Aresty-Byrne seminars, summer and academic year research programs, conference funding and a Research Symposium. The Aresty Research Center also provides information on how undergraduate students should go about finding a laboratory to do research.

Awards, Fellowships and Scholarships available to students in the Division of Life Sciences

Rutgers has an Office of Distinguished Fellowships that help in all stages of the process of applying to major national fellowships. Click here for a list of the fellowships

The Northeast Structural Genomics Consortium at the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine (CABM) on Busch Campus has immediate openings for undergraduates to help conduct molecular biology and biochemistry research involving the human genome project.

Fellowships for Research at Rutgers New Brunswick Campuses

Undergraduate Research Experiences and Fellowships off Campus

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